Iridescent Crown is a 2d roguelike platformer. Explore an infinite variety of colorful dungeons and cave systems. New levels are randomly generated each time you play.


WASD or Arrow Keys — Move / navigate menus
Z or Space — Attack
X or Shift — Pick up weapons
Esc — Pause / View the map
M — Toggle mute
F — Toggle fullscreen (Windows only)

Discover a variety of weapons with myriad upgrades. Collect swords, bows, hammers, scythes, wands, and more. You can clear the game by upgrading max health, strength, defense, agility, or any combination of these traits.

Partners you free from cages will join your team. Lead them to the end of the level to rescue them. Potions and red shrines will heal your team. Blue shrines will grant you temporary invisibility.

You can unlock the compass by beating one of the stronger enemies in each level. It appears in the bottom-right corner.


  • 16 randomly generated levels
  • 13 types of enemies
  • +10,000 different weapons
  • AI-controlled partners
  • Stylish pixel art graphics
  • Lush electronica soundtrack
  • Infinite replayability

The soundtrack consists of songs from my third album, wingsdyedblack. Thanks to SubspaceAudio for the sound effects. Thanks to SpiderDave for the tiles. Thanks to Disthron, Buch, GrafxKid and saint11 for the enemy sprites.

Gameplay Footage:
1.2 Trailer (Cursed Sword): 3/20/17
1.2 Trailer (Various Weapons): 3/20/17
1.2 Trailer (Moonstone Mirror): 3/20/17
1.2 Trailer (Amethyst Sword of Light): 3/20/17

1.0 Trailer (Cursed Scythe): 1/16/17



  • Be prepared when fighting a crowd of enemies. Partners are just as important as a good weapon.
  • You can assemble large teams, but don't forget to heal your partners when necessary.
  • Light up torches to show where you've been.
  • If you're lost, pause the game to view the map. Your position is marked red, doors are yellow.
  • Collect gold to buy new weapons from the shopkeeper.
  • Temporary invisibility is a deadly combination with the bow and arrow.
  • If you grab a new weapon, your old one will be lost forever! If you like the one you have, keep it.


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Cute game and fun to explore! Nice work

Kept hitting the Windows key while trying to press 'z' to attack. Would prefer space bar for button mashing.