1.4 Devlog for Iridescent Crown

Devlog for "final" updates to Iridescent Crown:

4/15/19 Fixed tile colors, added new music.

4/16/19 Now displays selected weapon in inventory. Also compares stats to weapon you're holding. Added death particles for enemies. Fixed bug where new music played on pause menu. Fixed weird glitch where ending music wouldn't play after beating the boss a second time. Added titles to the loading screen. Fixed enemy colors. Found a glitch with the pause menu on the boss level.

4/17/19 Fixed pause menu glitch for boss level. Added controls to the options menu. Improved compass GUI. Updated the logo. Added credits to options menu. Added “erase save” option. Now the options menu is fully functional.

4/18/19 Began adding new backgrounds. Fixed an old glitch where you could pause the game on the Game Over screen.

4/19/19 Added new backgrounds. Made the final boss stronger. Beta tested the whole game. You can now discard weapons from the inventory system.

4/21/19 Extended the ending credits screen. Beta tested the entire game one more time.

It's been a long week.


Iridescent Crown 1.4.exe 162 MB
Apr 21, 2019

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